Volunteer Staff

Choices Pregnancy Care Center is blessed to have many gracious and caring women and men who volunteer their time to minister to women and families in unplanned pregnancy and sexual health issues. We have many male volunteers who minister to male STD clients. We are grateful to all of our volunteer staff!

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, . . ."
~ Matthew 25:35

Client Advocates for Ladies

Kay Akins

Ruth Auffarth

Patricia Cummings

Natalia DuTeau 

Sharon DeWaal

Suzanne Earley

Angie Ellis

Kim Fisher

Debra Folsom

Patricia Fox

Wanda Freeman

Tammy Gonzalez 

Lisa Guzzardi

Nilsa Hagan 

Evelyn Harper

Ginger Hulsey 

Lynn Hurley

Mary Jirik

Sarah Johnson

Leigh Justice

Marjorie Kesler

Joy Kirk

Suzanne Littlefield 

Elba Lozada

Joan Martin

Jennifer McCullough

Jodi Mills

Angela Moore

Megan Moore

Bette Noble

Brittiny Peters

Donna Philpot

Sylia Pifer 

Melissa Pressley

Brittany Rayner

Rebecca Restivo

Bristan Rucker

Suzanne Rush

Kayanne Staub

Dawn Shook

Elizabeth Shults

Linda Smith

Wada Stafford  

Susan Staton 

Kayanne Staub 

Margaret Stewart

Ann Tanner

Julie Tate

Elia Thomas

Connie Tow

Laurie Underwood

Mechelle Vickers

Maxine Wagner

Esther Whitt

Sandra Williamson

Madeline Wirt

Client Advocates for Men

Matt Babcock

Jeremy Bagwell

Jeff Benefield

Donald Bloom

Bob Bradbury

Jason Buffington

Scott Cagle

Dave Channell

Bill Compton

Larry Crewey

Jose Degado

Ryan Duncan

Al Foster

Al Gainey

Jack Griffeth

Ken Grindle

Maxey Ladd

Jim Johnson

Sterling Lynn

Aaron Moyer

Steve Noble

Joab Rico

Stacey Reece

J. Casey Ryals

Beau Todd Robson II

Todd Robson

J. Casey Ryals

Kennedy Smartt

Jeffery Sulka

Larry Taylor

JoJo Thomas

Andy Tymchuk

Mike Welborn

Matt Wethington

Jeff White

Marty Woodall

Other Volunteers
Katie Gowen, Sonographer
Lynn Hurley, P.A.S.T. Class for women (post abortion recovery)
Judy Miller, Baby Boutiques
Zulema Moriera, Hispanic Interpreter