Outreach to Teens

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Choices is approved by Gainesville City and Hall County School Systems to educate students (6th through 12th grades) on sexual integrity until marriage and throughout marriage in Health classes. We also provide presentations in private secular and Christian schools as well as colleges. 

Middle School

6th Grade - "The Power to Decide"

Discussions will show students the harmful consequences of getting sex out of sequence (before marriage).  Students will be challenged to understand the importance of making decisions based on high standards. 

7th Grade - "Aim High - Know Why"
Students will be encouraged to avoid accepting the media’s message for sex and happiness and choose sexual integrity before marriage and faithfulness within marriage.  Consideration will also be given on how to dodge the pitfalls that could get in the way of meeting goals.

8th Grade - "Dating 101"
Teens will be encouraged to postpone dating and keep their sexually integrity until marriage and remain faithful in marriage.  Dating should become less mysterious and more exciting with the guidelines teens will receive.

  9th - 12th Grades -  "Hang on to your Hormones"
  • History of Sexual Activity Outside of Marriage, 1950 to present
  • Physical Issues (STD education)
  • Emotional Issues (Scars on the heart)
  • Reclaiming Sexual Integrity (Wiping the slate clean)
  • Sexual Discipline (It’s a lifelong lifestyle)
  • Peer Pressure (New comebacks to old come-ons)
  • How to Say No (It’s not that easy)