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What do Patients say about Choices?

The Choices Staff's goal is to provide accurate medical information in a safe, unpressured atmosphere so each patient can make the best decisions.  Choices receives patient feedback several ways:

- through our Exit Surveys

- through our Facebook page

Choices staff and volunteer advocates are blessed to become a part of our patient's lives for the short time they are here, or as a lifetime friend.  Names have been removed to protect confidentiality.


Feedback from 2019 Exit Surveys: 

  • Thank you for making me feel safe and welcomed! ...
  • I liked it a lot and you made me feel special.
  • I am so greatful for this program.  It has helped provide for my daughter.  I always feel at home here... you're like family.
  • I loved being here today (heart).  Thank you so much! .... 
  • You were very helpful.  Thank you.
  • I love the atmosphere here.  From the welcoming to the exit.  I got a lot of information today.  Hoping to make the right decision.
  • Thank you!  You were very friendly and helpful.
  • I absolutely LOVE it here!
  • Awesome place; great people.
  • Super sweet, kind, compassionate and understanding.  We need more of this day to day.
  • Choices is a very comfortable place to welcome you as family.
  • Wish she could be my primary care OBGYN :)
  • Very helpful and informed staff.  Thank you**
  • You all made me feel very welcomed and comfortable.
  • Thank y'all for the support.
  • Love the prayer, love the price!
  • The ladies were extremely helpful and understanding.
  • You all have been extremely wonderful!
  • I was really pleased with my visit.  Everyone was very nice and helpful.  I would recommend Choices to everyone.
  • Thank you so much; you guys are amazing.
  • Great community of staff! The advocate was amazing and loving.  Thank you guys so much!
  • Never knew how much I needed to talk to someone!  Thank you, thank you!
  • Wonderful Center!  Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.  I'd recommend you to anyone.


Review Feedback from Facebook

Thank you for making me feel safe and welcomed! ...
2019 Exit Survey
I liked it a lot and you made me feel special.
2019 Exit Survey