We receive feedback from clients and are blessed to become a part of their lives for the short time they are here, or as a lifetime friend.  All names have been changed to protect confidentiality.

The ladies are sweet and make you feel loved. Thank you for your gifts that make it all happen here.


Last summer a friend brought me to the Care Center because I was in a crisis pregnancy. I wanted to abort my baby but the information I received that day helped me to make a different choice. I went to the abortion clinic but could not go through with the abortion. So I decided to come back to Choices Pregnancy Care Center for more info on adoption. I am so glad CPCC is here, because there are some things family and friends just don't understand.


Thank you for caring enough for any unborn life. You all make the difference.


Thank you all for having this helpful facility that helps teen girls feel safe and know there are people who care.


I enjoyed the spiritual talk. It helped me make good choices.


Choices Pregnancy Care Center is a great place. Everyone was so friendly and loving. I hope it's here always to help many more women.


Me and the baby have peace in our lives and I am so thankful for you!


The clinic was a wonderful place and I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who might be in need of the care.


Thank you for caring enough for any unborn life -- you make all the difference. God bless you all, I love you.


The nurse opened my eyes up to a lot of things I didn't know.


The Care Center helped me out alot and made me feel very comfortable, answered many questions I was worried about. They helped me understand God and the Bible better. Excellent Center!


Thank you for listening to my problems and giving me advice. I look forward to having another visit.