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Our Team

With the exception of our Executive Director, all Choices Staff works part-time.  In addition, we have 30+ AWESOME Patient Advocates (PA) who volunteer their services to share life and truth with our patients.  Choices could not function without these PAs.

Lee Koz, Executive Director

Kim Fisher, Medical Manager

Medical Services Patient Services Community Ministry

Kim Fisher, PA 

Jennifer Reuter, RN 

Denise Volante, RN 

Cathy Wallen, RN

Melissa Thibodeau, RN 

Taylor Eure, RN

Ileana Ungurean, Sonographer

Rachel Kutsar, Sonographer

Leeanne Metzger, Sonographer

Mariana Recalo, Sonographer 

Steven Littlefield, Mobile Unit Coordinator

Elizabeth Frias, Patient Service Manager 

Macie Bloom, Patient Service Manager 

Denise Watson, Ministry Coordinator

Rebekah Restivo, Office Coordinator

Pam Tollett, Patient Scheduler

Sue Kaufman, H.R.

Carole Ausborn, Outreach & Strategy

Randi Brooks, Financial Officer

Rebekah Restivo, School Coordinator

Lynn Hurley, P.A.S.T. Class

Carole Ausborn P.A.S.T. Class