Baby Boutique Needs

All items in the Baby Boutique are earned by a patient taking parenting, pregnancy or other life skill classes (through our hospital-approved Bright Course My Baby Counts Online Program) until their baby is 18 months old.   Our desire is to develop a healthy relationship with the patient during this time of service and to educate the patient on pregnancy, labor and delivery and baby care, thus moving the client toward sustainability.

Current needs: Cribs, Strollers, Car seats


By using the Amazon wish list the items will be directly delivered to Choices. Be sure to include your name and phone and email so we can thank you!


  • We accept NEW children’s clothing, sizes newborn through 18 months.
  • Gift Cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, and Publix are greatly appreciated (We can combine cards to purchase the larger baby supplies that we occasionally need to purchase).
  • It is always wise to touch base with us so that we can share our current need with you.
  • Most of our patients have a source for baby food and formula, so these are rarely a need.

Accepted Items

Baby bottles
Baby carriers
Baby gates
Baby monitors
Bathing supplies & lotion
Booster seats or Bumbos
Boppy (Nursing pillows)
Bottles and sippy cups
Bouncy seats

Breast pads (60-80 ct)
Brush & comb sets
Chairs (Bumbo and other)
Children’s clothing newborn-24 months
Cribs (new)
Diapers (Sz NB-5)
Diaper bags
Diaper cream
Hats and other hair items
Head support for Car seat
High chairs
Infant nail kits

Infant safety kits (thermometers, suction bulbs, etc.)
Nipples and caps for baby bottles
Nursing equipment
Plates, bowls, cups, infant utensils
Safety First baby nursery kit (nail clippers, syringe, thermometer..)

Safety items (outlet covers, drawer & cabinet clamps, door knob overs)
Saline drops/suction bulbs
Shopping cart covers
Sleep sacks
Snuggie carriers
Strollers (umbrella, jogging, etc.)
Towels (hooded or otherwise) and wash-rags
Wipes (<80/pack)