Post-Abortion Support & Treatment

Abortion affects each woman in a different way. While many of them report feelings of relief immediately following an abortion, other emotions can hit anywhere from weeks to years afterward.

What Is Post-Abortion Support & Treatment?

Post-abortion counseling provides a safe and compassionate space for you to reflect on your abortion experience and find healing from it. We will work through the emotional impact your abortion has had on you and discover tangible ways for you to find freedom.

What Are Some of the Emotional Side Effects of Abortion?

Emotional side effects can be experienced by anyone who has had an abortion, regardless of the circumstances that surround it. They are real and will require time and help to work through and move past:

  • Guilt
  • Shame
  • Anger
  • Regret
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Difficulties within relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings

If you have had an abortion and are experiencing any of the emotional effects listed above, we encourage you to participate in post-abortion support.

Confidential Support

Our clinic strongly values confidentiality. We aim to create a safe and completely confidential environment to protect both your privacy and safety. We are here for you and want Choices to feel like a safe place to heal.

Abortion is never an easy decision to make. Although it seemed like the right choice at the time, you may find yourself questioning that decision. This is common and that’s why we’re here. Maybe you told someone, maybe you’ve carried this secret and are still carrying feelings of guilt, shame, and loss. We’re here to help.

How Much Does Post-Abortion Support & Treatment Cost?

Post-abortion support and treatment is a free and confidential resource offered by Choices Pregnancy Center. We offer this at no cost so that you can find the healing you need without worrying about your financial circumstances.

Abortion can be a traumatic experience, and we aim to care for women who have experienced abortions by providing tangible methods of healing. If you are suffering from any of the emotional side effects of abortion, schedule your appointment for post-abortion support today.