Our Services

Choices provides our patients with education and confidential services in a compassionate environment to keep all aspects of their “being” healthy!


Pregnancy Services

  • Free Pregnancy Tests
  • Free STI Tests for pregnant women
  • Free Ultrasounds
  • Options Education – explore every option (abortion, adoption, single parenting, marriage)
  • Maternity Education approved and used by Hospitals – For example, Nutrition during pregnancy, What to expect, Baby development, Labor and Delivery, etc.) – You will earn points to shop for baby clothes/items while taking this training.
  • Adoption Referrals

Other Medical Services

  • Discounted STI Tests for non-pregnant women and all men
  • Chemical Abortion Reversal Referrals
  • Ultrasounds; to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy and viability
  • Bete hCG Testing Referrals to those who qualify

Support Services

  • Maternity Housing Referrals
  • Infant Clothing & Supplies (see “Education Program” below)
  • Our Parent Education approved and used by Hospitals (For example, Infant Care, Infant Nutrition, Safety and early boundaries, What to expect at XXX ages, etc) – You can earn baby clothes / items while taking this training
  • P.A.S.T. Class (Post Abortion Support and Treatment) – A 10 week class for women who have had an abortion
  • Daddy Support – Choices can connect you to a Male Patient Advocate who can help you succeed at the “fatherhood” role before you