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Saving Lives, Changing Lives       


Our Patients and Services

The Need

While the abortion rate in the United States has fallen by 8% from 2014 to 2017 to its lowest at 13.5%, Georgia's rate has actually risen by 8%  to 16.9% where there were 36,330 abortions in 2017 vs. 33,000 in 2014. Not all abortions that occurred in Georgia were provided to state residents, as some patients may have traveled from other states; likewise, some individuals from Georgia may have traveled to another state for an abortion. Georgia abortions represent 4.2% of all abortions in the United States. 

In the latest data, Hall County residents aborted 9.4% of pregnancies in legal abortions.  Though the rate is low compared to the state abortion rate, and is dropping slightly, realize almost 10% of pregnancies still end in abortion in our area.  Choices still has God's work to do in our community with our vision to end abortion!

An alarming, recent study using data from the Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and county health agencies and social media surveys, ranks Georgia among the top "most sexually diseased” states. Thus, STD/STI testing and some treatment has been implemented to reach the future parents of the babies Choices desires to save from abortion.  

Of course, these patients need immediate medical help, education, and support, but longer term, the real problem that they need to address is spiritual.  Choices' highest desire is to share the life-saving news of the Gospel with each patient; knowing the Gospel is the only way our patients can truly change their destructive sexual paths and be wholly healed. Secondarily but still a priority, Choices attempts to provide applicable medical and life skill education, baby supplies and connections to social services that can help our patients in ways that Choices can not.


Our Patients

In 2018, our patients were all ages, though most were 20-somethings.  Our Hispanic patient population continues to grow and has almost hit the percentage of Hispanics living in Gainesville (40%). The African American patient numbers have grown as well.  As for gender, 90+% are women, less than 10% are men getting STI testing. Choices treats patients from 24 Georgia Counties, with 69% coming from Hall County and 10% coming from Gwinnette..


Most of our patients do not have medical insurance, and in many cases, Choices will give them their only ultrasound and maternity vitamins throughout their pregnancy.    


Choices' Services

Choices provides our patients with education and confidential services in a compassionate environment to keep all aspects of their "being" healthy!  

Pregnancy Services

  • Free Pregnancy Tests
  • Free STI Tests for pregnant women
  • Free Ultrasounds
  • Free Prenatal Vitamins
  • Options Education - explore every option (abortion, adoption, single parenting, marriage)
  • Maternity Education approved and used by Hospitials - For example, Nutrition during pregnancy, What to expect, Baby development, Labor and Delivery, etc.) - You can earn baby clothes / items while taking this training.
  • Adoption Referrals

Other Medical Services

  • Discounted STI Tests for non-pregnant women and all men
  • Chemical Abortion Reversal Referrals
  • Ectopic Pregnancy Referrals

Support Services

  • Maternity Housing Referrals
  • Infant Clothing & Supplies (see “Education Program" below)
  • Our Parent Education approved and used by Hospitials (For example, Infant Care, Infant Nutrition, Safety and early boundaries, What to expect at XXX ages, etc) - You can earn baby clothes / items while taking this training
  • "Encourage Me" Group - monthly support for single moms
  • PAST Class (Post Abortion Support and Treatment) – A 10 week class for women who have had an abortion
  • "Daddy" support - Choices can connect you to a Male Patient Advocate who can help you succeed at the "fatherhood" role before you